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It is on the brush rather than on the pen that I have relied to convey an idea of the gorgeous panorama of Southern Spain, and to recall to the returned traveller his impressions of the land. d'Auvergne, I am indebted for various scraps of original and entertaining information. She rises out of the sea—the boundless salt ocean that stretches from pole to pole—and the crests of the waves which lick her feet are not whiter than her walls.

Its mart was crowded, its merchants known from Britain to the Fortunate Isles, from Lusitania to Arabia. When the gods were dethroned the sensual city pined; and under the austere yoke of Islam it languished and all but faded away.In after years, the Phœnicians and Carthaginians had settlements here, and built great ugly palaces overlooking the sea and the estuaries.

But then, they learn that a month-long eclipse is about to occur.… continue reading »

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