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15-Jul-2017 19:22

Follow the prompts to install the app and the open the app.

Use the following settings: – Auto startup – ON – Application – click on "add" with the mouse and on the next screen click on "Show all applications" and scroll down and click on the app "TV".

I actually didn't expect to find anything when I Googled this issue, so was amazed when I saw people having exactly the same problem, and a solution being offered that worked. I presume you can't force your media player to 1920x1080? It's not so much about wanting to change the home screen. Just don't want to have to compulsorily see it every time I start up.

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Still happy to have the home screen available at the push of a button, just I would prefer to just call it when I need it and otherwise never see it.

It's a kinda ridiculous setup really – almost like starting at the settings screen!

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