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It is the responsibility of the few to carry the torch of truth and integrity through the dark ages we find ourselves in and this heroic set of soundtrack rarities shows us that the spirit of freedom is, has been and always will be alive and well.

One only has to look for it.” Ennio Morricone is arguably the most prolific film composer of the modern era, having scored in excess of five hundred films since the mid-20th century.

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See full summary » Antonio is married to a very wealthy woman but the sole heir of the family fortune is his daughter.

He induce his dying wife to swear in the daughter of remaining "chaste and pure" ( so that she cannot marry ) until his own death. Ernesto is the priviliged, seventeen year old son of a jewish mother and a non-jewish father, who has deserted his family. See full summary » 1940 France just before the great invasion.

Anche quest’anno infatti abbiamo raccolto oltre 31 milioni di euro che saranno destinati a sostenere e finanziare la ricerca scientifica s...

This platform enables those in the UK and Worldwide with CENSORED Internet connections to BYPASS these filters by using our uncensored proxies.To singularly align Morricone with one style of music however would be to overlook a tremendous body of work that spans nearly every predefined genre, and some styles that people have yet to pinpoint as a genre.His impact on film goers and music fans has been so wide and his musical compositions so ingrained in the general populous’ psyche it would be a difficult job to say exactly how many artists were touched by his innovations.Psychedelic Sitars, heavy breathing, screams, screeches, electric guitar feedback...

much of Morricone's language here keenly intersects with the abstract metal soundscapes of Patton's own music giving us fresh insights into their deeply powerful and uncompromising aesthetics.I suoi valori di glicemia sono troppo bassi e quella che sembra una simpatica smorfia nel fare la linguaccia è in realtà un’anomalia che si chiama macroglossia. Un progetto fortemente voluto e promosso dall’Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, che mette insieme il mondo dell’arte, quello della scienza e quello dell’impegno umanitario, con lo scopo di informare e sensibilizzare un pubblico sempre più vasto.