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He holds various certifications from the University of Leeds, the University of Cambridge, and the…

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Georges Harik was Director of Googlettes and a Distinguished Engineer at Google.

As Director of Googlettes, his team was responsible for the product management and strategy efforts surrounding many starting Google initiatives including Gmail, Google Talk, Google Video, Picasa, Orkut, Google Groups and Google Mobile.

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Georges has contributed to numerous patents covering Google's search engine and advertising networks.

Our current team consists of Top Coders, ACM ICPC World Finalists, and medalists of the International Olympiads in Informatics.

We work on challenging projects that we choose from the ground up that have direct impact on our users.

If you’re a social media addicte Buddy (formerly known as e-Messenger) could be your solution.

You can use the app to sign in to Facebook Chat, Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and more, thus allowing you to hold conversations across all the apps in a single aggregated interface.Given Yahoo’s ongoing security issues, you might want to think twice about signing up if you’re not already a member.