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Word Net è un database semantico-lessicale per la lingua inglese elaborato dal linguista George Armitage Miller presso l'Università di Princeton, che si propone di organizzare, definire e descrivere i concetti espressi dai vocaboli.

(2004) and Abfalterer (2007), where we focus on the South Tyrolean German language.

On the one hand, we conducted a systematic frequency analysis in newspaper variety corpora for approved lists of South Tyrolean special vocabulary in order to possibly refine corresponding dictionary entries with corpus evidence.

L'organizzazione del lessico si avvale di raggruppamenti di termini con significato affine, chiamati "synset" (dalla contrazione di synonym set), e del collegamento dei loro significati attraverso diversi tipi di relazioni chiaramente definite.

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We present desiderata and suggestions as well as methods from computational linguistics to systematically apply variety corpora for the enrichment, i.e.

Previous attempts at formalization have focused on enforcing strict ontological control of the semantic types for the frame fillers-despite their insignificant use-due to high ambiguity-in the actual Frame Net.

We propose a different approach relying on representation of Frame Net as a 4D multidimensional ontology that allows capturing of the "precedent" knowledge encoded in the manually annotated texts, like Frame Net's full-text annotation reports.

An Cora-Verb lexicons focuses on syntactic functions, arguments and thematic roles of each verbal predicate taking into account the verbal semantic class and those alternations in diathesis where the predicate can participate.

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This paper concentrates on the definition and characterization of verb classes and the criteria followed in the assignment of a verb to a specific class.

Works like those of Bybee (1988) and Langacker (1987) propose a highly structured lexicon where words are related paradigmatically by phonological similarity and where lexical features are an emergent characteristic of the resulting structure.