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As the movie progresses, the satirical lightness of Ben's interactions with adults start to feel heavier.

Sinking to the bottom of the pool in the SCUBA gear he receives for his 21st birthday, Ben is all too aware of the tremendous pressures awaiting him: marriage, a career and generally living up to his parents' expectations.

Robinson and the score featuring some of Simon and Garfunkle's most endearing songs.

The Graduate epitomizes the freedoms and frailties of society in the sixties. The indecisive Ben represents a segment of middle class youth at the time struggling to find a place. Others embraced the American dream and values of their parents.

This was a quick and easy meal for them.'He added: 'Straight away they all dived in to get their share.

The choices that earned director Mike Nichols an Academy Award in 1967 also peg The Graduate firmly in its time.

But both camps found something to love in The Graduate.