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25-Jun-2017 07:19

They don't have the ability to make a real emotional connection.They can mirror you, but it's absolutely not the same thing as a real emotional connection.Of course, on a first date, you don't want anything too heavy (although a narcissist wouldn't mind, but you don't want to frighten away normal dates), so think of some unpleasant experience that's not heavy; it can be anything, from battling with traffic to not getting a good night’s sleep.An empathetic person will hear what you are saying, understand your pain, keep the spotlight on you for as long as you want.From a narcissist it will always be hot or cold; never mundane, average, or normal.

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Ask them about school, or work, their family, anything, and look for responses that are normal to weed out a first date as a possible narcissist.

A narcissist can be very charming and pleasant, but they won't do what I just said.

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