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There, the harsh life in the mines is instilling the people with a bitter hatred.

The young girl who led the attack against us when we beamed down was filled with the violence of desperation.

In order to save an inhabited planet from being destroyed by a botanical plague, the Enterprise goes to pick up zenite, the mineral cure, on the only known planet where it is mined.

When Kirk and Spock beam down, they are attacked by 'troglites' (troglodyte miners) but not captured.

Droxine and Plasus lament that the rebels are spoiling the city and have no appreciation for fine art, but brush aside Kirk’s inquiries about the Disrupters’ demands.

The captain reminds him of his responsibility to the Federation and the lives at stake if they can’t stop the botanical plague in time.

If the lovely Droxine knew of the young miner’s misery, I wonder how the knowledge would affect her.

The cutaway shots of the Disrupter leader show she’s just as confused as we are at Spock’s ruminations.

However, it is under attack from 'disruptors', troglite revolutionaries who want equal life conditions for their peers.Plasus sends him and Spock to their room with a Shower Cap Sentinel, as Droxine pouts: “Do you think that Captain Kirk and his very attractive officer will feel that we’re responsible for their injuries?

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9 pages, 5 characters, PG-13 Rating (Short, Horror, Gothic) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Madronians, The by Zdravko Barisae It is a science fiction story focused on the devastated area of North America after nuclear war, about year 2120.… continue reading »

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